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Husband Butchers Wife Brutally And Removes Her Intestines

Mercy Samuel, a 23-year-old Mother of two, was attacked on Sunday night, April 17, and had her abdomen ripped open and her intestine severed.

Her husband, Samuel Mathew, who was living with her along Vom road in Plateau State’s Jos South local government area at the time of the attack, allegedly grabbed her phone and fled after the attack.

Mercy was discovered in her house on Monday Morning and transported to Bingham University Teaching Hospital in Jos, where she died on April 20.

Mercy had been a victim of domestic violence for some time, according to Jummai Madaki, State Project Officer, Women’s Right Advancement and Protection Alternative,the group was trying to get help for her before she was killed. Jummai wanted the people to demand justice on her behalf after she died.

In narrating how the incident happened, Jummai explained;

“Her family confirmed that she had been the victim of violence in the past, but the husband’s family denied any wrongdoing. Before vanishing with her phone, the man ripped into her stomach, removed her intestine, and sliced it so she couldn’t call for help.

“We were told that aid did not arrive until the early hours of Monday, when she was transported to the hospital and placed on oxygen. They live in a small flat, so I’m not sure why no one heard her scream. We raised an alarm after an informant brought the incident to my attention. Surprisingly, the incident went unnoticed by the authorities. Her parents told us that she was in trouble even last year, she was at home owing to certain concerns, but her husband’s family came to ask her to return, so she did.”

Late Mrs Mercy Samuel

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Rebecca Sambo, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, expressed regret over the occurrence when visiting the deceased’s family in Gyel, Jos South, and assured them that the matter would not be pushed under the carpet.

“The police have been notified, and effort has begun to ensure the young child receives justice,” she stated.

Rebecca recommended domestic abuse victims to speak up as soon as they detect any risk in their marriages, rather than waiting until they are killed.


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