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Annie Idibia tenders public apology as she clocks 37, promises to turn a new leaf

Nollywood actress Annie Idibia, and wife of iconic music legend 2Face Idibia has tendered an unreserved apology to her husband, and family for putting them on blast on social media.

The movie star who clocked 37 on November 13, noted that she had made the terrible decision of ‘washing her dirty linens in public’ due to careless anger.

According to her, the last 10 weeks have been the worst in her entire existence as she confessed to being suicidal at a point, given all the drama that was surrounding her marriage.

In a very lengthy post shared via her Instagram account, the actress apologized for all wrongdoings.

“It’s A Brand New Chapter For Me. And Would really Love To Start It On A Clean Slate . 🙏🏽This Year Has Been A lot. Soooo Much Blessings And Pain. My Hands Are Shaking As I Type This ….I Let A lot Of pple down ..Especially The Pple Close To Me,” she wrote.

“The Last 10Weeks Have Been The Worst Of My ENTIRE Life , Yes The Worst Since I Was Born … I have Gone From Being So Angry To being So Broken And Back To Anger .. And Then Sadly ,Which I Am Ashamed To Admit – Suicidal! “

“I Have Acted So Badly In A Way I Am Not Proud Of , I Allowed My Emotions Cloud Me. , I Allowed My Emotions To Lead Me Into Making Bad decisions , Allowed My Anger n Emotions ,To Make Me Act On Something That’s Wasn’t True Cos I Was Kept In Dark !,” she added.

“Instead Of Remaining Calm .. Before Acting … 💔 I Want to Apologize To My Husband , Inno .. I Am So Sorry I Threw You Out There Like I Did , (so unwise ) That Isn’t The Kind Of Woman You Married, Totally Sorry For all the Mental Stress And Heart Break It Caused You , So Sorry I Put Both Our Families Out There I, The Way I Did💔 I still Bi Yo ur Smallie oo*”

The movie star also apologized to her mother and her husband’s family for dragging everyone in the mud during her public meltdown. She affirmed that her desire as she enters a new year is to start afresh with a clean slate and for peace to reign between both families.

“To My Beautiful Mothers .. My Amazing Mother And My Beautiful Mother In- Law .. I am Sooo Sorry I Let Both Of You down .. No Mother Should Go Through The Kind Of Pain That You Both Felt .. I Am Really Sorry 🙏🏽🙏🏽(I am still your baby) I am Far From Perfect, But I Have Decide To Choose Peace . And I Wanna Do Better , Given The Chance,” she begged.

“To Both My Families- The Macaulays And The Idibias , I Am Sorry For All The Pain And Disrespect Towards Both Familes… Pls Forgive Me .Una No Fit Throw Way Una Pikin ooo🙏🏽 To all my 7.1 Plus Family out here .. Thank you for still standing n supporting me and my brand.”

“To All the brands That are working with us – thank you for still sticking with your NKOYO ooo.. To The ones We Are In Talks With , I appreciate🙏🏽 To My Big Brother And Friend @efeomorogbe I Am So Sorry.”

“To My Manager- @phadekemi Thank you for your patience n for sticking by To My “Online Inlaws “Wey I carry my Mata come give – thanks for all D love,D bashing n rebuking I have learnt ooo.. I No go do am again o All I wan 4 my bday is PEACE Annie Macaulay Idibia.”

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In September, the actress called out her husband over his ‘suspicious’ relationship with one of his baby mamas, Pero. She also accused his family of not loving and caring about her since their marriage.

2Face later released a statement asking the public to back off his marital issues.


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