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“Vee Iye kindly pay up” Zeena and Zara clothing line drags BBNaija’s Vee over alleged 1.9 million debt

Reality TV star, Vee Iye, had taken to her Instagram story on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, and revealed she would no longer be working with the ‘Zeena and Zara’ clothing line company.

She posted:

"Vee Iye kindly pay up" Zeena and Zara clothing line drags BBNaija's Vee over  alleged 1.9 million debt

Zeena and Zara clothing line brand responded shortly after and accused Vee of not keeping to her end of the deal.

They went further to write:

Apparently Vee paid 2million out of the 2.5m she was given for the deal she refused to honor. However, the shoot including the items she took cost about 1.4million which she insisted on not paying back.

I mean, how can you sign a contract then refused to comply by posting the shoot done after which you decided to delete the picture of the contract signing. I believe we all understand what that means so since you couldn’t fulfill your end of the bargain, we decided to send her manager a mail to terminate the contract after 48 hours without response.

Now she refused to pay for the loss incurred for the shoot, not forgetting that she made away with items worth 400k including the 500k balance from the ambassadorial deal payment, all tuning to about a total of 1.9million.

Since she is not willing to pay for the loss incurred and the outstanding, the brand decided to use the content from the shoot done so as to minimize the loss incurred.

veeiye, please note that since you have refused to complete the outstanding, the Zeena & Zara brand will use all the content done on the shoot. This was discussed but you insisted on not paying, in case you change your mind, kindly pay up then the content will be taken down from our page. Thank you.

NB, This post is necessary due to the write up posted on her story, the brand wrote.




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