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Covid-19: Australia lifts travel ban after 600 days

Australian authorities have confirmed the reopening of the country’s international border, nearly 600 days since the pandemic imposed closure.

According to Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison who shared his thoughts on facebook said, it is a “big day for Australia” adding that the country is now ready for “take-off!”

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On March 20 last year, Australia introduced some of the world’s toughest border restrictions in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Almost all travel to the island continent halted, prompting critics to dub the country a “hermit state”

For the last 19 months, Australians have been banned from travelling overseas without permission.

Families were split across continents, and tens of thousands of nationals were stranded overseas.

The few who did gain permission to enter were forced to spend thousands of dollars and agree to spend 14 days locked in a hotel room.

Those conditions have now been dropped for the country’s two largest cities — Sydney and Melbourne — which will now allow vaccinated Australians to come and go without quarantine of any kind.

As some Australians returned home, others stuck in the country took the opportunity to leave.


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