Dance Circuit: Kaffy speaks up against new Naira Marley dance ‘Soapy’, calls it disgusting!

Renowned dancer and Guiness world holder, Kaffy calls ‘Soapy” disgusting and Nigerians agree.


Without mincing words, Kaffy has expressed disgust over new dance step created by controversial artiste, Naira Marley.


Barely weeks from the slammer after making a case for internet fraudsters, Naira Marley is out with a new single and accompanying dance step ‘soapy’, which many have found simply distasteful.


Five days after the premier of the new dance step which mostly glorifies masturbation with the title ‘soapy’ which loosely translates to masturbation as a slang, veteran dancer Kaffy has spoken out in an Instagram post where she clearly expresses her disgust.


She says in the history of dance styles in Nigeria, she has never seen one so immoral and disgusting.


In the post, she says “Am sorry but I can’t take this. In the history of Naija dance, I have never seen a more disgusting immoral dance like the so-called Soapy. It should never be encouraged. Am really disappointed,”


She continues, “As dancers we should also speak for what is right we shouldn’t encourage this for the sake of trend. Esp when it’s not even censored away from kids, as an adult sef it’s offensive.”

Since making the post, she has gathered support from several other entertainers who share her views.

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