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Declare Bandits As Terrorist – Nigerian Senate tells Buhari

The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to declare bandits as terrorists as they have been causing havoc all around the country.

The Senate spoke about this while crying out to the President to battle against bandits, including bombing all their locations to eliminate them. It advised the President to proclaim all the known leaders of the bandits wanted and find them wherever they are for arrest and prosecution.

In the motion which was sponsored by Senator Ibrahim Abdullahi Gobir and eight others, the lawmaker expressed concern that Sokoto State and other parts of North West have become a refuge for bandits.

He recalled the killing of 21 security personnel last Saturday in Dama and Gangara and a yet-to-be-ascertained number of civilians from the neighbouring villages by rampaging bandits.

He showed concern about losing such a number of skilled officers would further deplete the numerical strength of the security personnel in the country, thereby jeopardizing the security architecture of the country.

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He also expressed that most of the bandits have now relocated to Sabon Birni and Isa local government areas due to the sustained military operations at the Zamfara axis.

Gobir said while the crackdown on the bandits was taking place in Zamfara State, no concrete measures have been taken in Sokoto State, leaving it totally exposed to the activities of the bandits.

“The operation should be holistic instead of restrictive in order to produce effective and the desired results,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Senate observed a minute of silence in honour of the fallen heroes and civilians who lost their lives in the unwholesome activities of the bandits.

After contributions, Senate among other resolutions asked the FG to declare leaders of bandits wanted and be tracked wherever they may be.


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