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‘Do you know how crazy it is to say I slept with Chioma?’- Peruzzi

Singer Tobechukwu Okoh, known as Peruzzi, shared a lot of interesting stories in his recent interview with Chude, including how he met Davido and speculations of him having a sexual relationship with Davido’s fiancee and baby mama, Chioma.

On the talk series #WithChude, hosted by Chude Jideonwo, Peruzzi stated that the rumour which was sprung up by his former label boss, that he was sexually intimate with Chioma, his cousin, was indeed “crazy”.

Part of the interview reads:

“Someone said I had sex with the wife of the man who helped me. Do you know how crazy that is? Even if you hate me, what did Davido do to you? So right now, I am careful of every pin that drops near me.”

Speaking on his mum’s death in 2017, few days after he released his single, ‘For your pocket’, the singer said:

“I had just dropped ‘For your Pocket’, and then my mum died two days after. I had to take my time to cry but at the same time try to hide from my guys because we were already tweeting about the release of the new song, and I did not want them to stop. After a while, I had to tell them to allow me when it’s time to cry, and I would not disturb them, but whatever they did, they should not stop tweeting about it. I would go into the shower and cry, allow the water to wash away the pain, but once I was out, it was back to work. It was at that time that Davido posted my song on Snapchat, and that gave my career the boost it needed.”

Recalling how he got featured in 2Baba’s ‘Amaka’ in 2018, Peruzzi said;

“(Larry) Gaaga called me one morning, (saying) that we should vibe in the studio and that 2Baba was going to be there as well, and I said okay. I had already planned everything I would tell 2Baba because I had not met him before that time. When I got there, everything I planned on telling him was what he was telling me. He was bowing his head to me, and I was confused. I just kept saying, ‘Don’t do this to me; you are 2Baba.’ What he did that day, I will never forget. We released the video, and it scattered Nigeria. ‘Amaka’ gave me that older and more mature-minded audience. It was a song everyone could relate to, and it skyrocketed my career.”

The host, Chude, went on to say that ‘opportunity meets preparation’ and the fact that Peruzzi chose to continue working hard, was a major factor that led to his breakthrough.


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