Monday, September 20, 2021
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Edo State Police Arrest Facemask Defaulters

Following the directives of the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki in January, on the immediate arrest of people in the state who fail to put on their facemasks on the road, markets, parks, gatherings and other public environs, police officers have been seen in various areas of the state, complying to the guidelines of the government.

Under the leadership of Babatunde Kokumo, the Commissioner of Police in Edo State, over 800 Police constabulary personnel were deployed across the state and they have been seen on various occasions, strictly enforcing the safety protocol of putting on facemasks.

According to the Edo Government, defaulters are to be prosecuted and convicted  by mobile courts across the state, while such culprits are to be regarded as ‘ex-convicts’ and will also be made to pay fines and undergo community service.

In areas of Benin city like Etete, Adesuwa, Uselu and the like, people walking on the road, in public vehicles and crowded places without their protective masks have been confronted and charged accordingly by officials.

We are advised to adhere to the safety protocol of consistently wearing facemasks to protect ourselves and others from the virus, even as the fight to completely eradicate it continues.


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