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FG orders States to revive Tree Planting in tackling Deforestation

During a National Review Session on Climate Resilience in Nigeria, held in Yola, Adamawa State, officials of the Federal Government (FG), seriously discussed strategies to adopt in tacking deforestation. Deforestation in Nigeria is now a very high rate in the country and still remains uncontrolled.

The two-day review session, which was organized by European Union and Oxfam Nigeria, had representatives of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as representatives of similar ministries from states like Taraba, Kaduna and Adamawa state who deliberated on the matter.

Both the Federal and State Government officials were joined by leaders of related civil society groups based in Taraba, Kaduna, Adamawa, Abuja and Lagos who jointly resolved that, while the Federal Government should intensify afforestation drive, the various state governments which own and control what remains of Nigeria’s forest cover, need to up their game.

A communique issued after the session at the weekend identified ignorance among Nigerians about climate change and the need for tree planting as a major challenge against tree planting efforts, in view of which the Federal Government, through its representatives, resolved to revive National Tree Planting Campaign, which includes the National Tree Planting Day.

tackling deforestation in Nigeria

According to the communique, Adamawa State, through its representatives, “resolved to work on the planting of one million trees annually.”

The Director of the Federal Department of Forestry, who was present as a representative of the Federal Ministry of Environment, Mrs Olukoni Bosede, told reporters that the rate of deforestation in Nigeria is alarming and needs immediate and adequate attention to be tackled.

The Resident and Private Sector Engagement Programme Manager of Oxfam Nigeria, Mr Olunide Ojo, who also spoke to reporters in the course of the climate change and tree planting interactive session said the session was organised to recommit stakeholders to climate change impact reduction efforts.

Mr. Ojo added that the states participating in the workshop were brought together for peer review, to learn innovation from one another and then to connect with FG which designs the national policy on the subject matter.


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