Flood Victims Struggle For Comfort In Lagos


Due to the heavy downpour last friday in Lagos, some families at Odubanjo Community in Igando who fled their homes to forestall any likely disaster are yet to return to their homes are now struggling for sleeping space in the toilet.

When newsmen visited the area, an elderly woman of 50 years, named Adeoye Abosede whose property was destroyed as a result of the flood was found in the toilet where she had been passing the nights with her child.

Her reasons for sleeping in the toilet is because it is built on a higher ground and outside the main apartments, which she cooks and eats there.

Residents told newsmen that it takes apparently nine days for flood to disappear whenever there is a heavy downpour.

It was observed that refuse from a dumpsite close to the community contributed and worsened the flooding as it blocked major drainage and some fences that were weakened by the flood have started falling.

Speaking with Adeoye, she stated that she has been living in the community for the past eight years with her child and this poor condition is strongly affecting her health and that of her child.

She also stated that whenever the raining season approaches, she lives in fear as a result of the smell that comes out from the damp environment.

She complained that the place is no longer conducive for them and cannot even afford a new place.

She said whenever it rained, other women and herself would fight over right of space in the toilet, but most of the women would allow her to have the toilet space because of her age.

In her response to the whereabouts of her husband, she told newsmen he is very old and at a point left the house leaving her with the responsibility of taking care of the children.

She therefore appealed to the Lagos State Government to come to their rescue.

The Secretary of the Community Development Area(CDA), Mr. Samuel Ohwerhoye, said he had been residing in the area for over two decades, lamented that residents had spent money to channel the flood, but their efforts did not bring the desired result.

He said the dumpsite is also a huge problem and it pushes water back into the community.

He also appealed to the governor of Lagos State, Mr.Sanwo-Olu to look into the situation and proffer a solution.

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