Guinea woman seats for examination 30 minutes after giving birth.

8-Year-old woman talks about returning to the exam hall barely half an hour after giving birth.


The determined mother shared her ordeal with the BBC in Mamou, Guinea.


According to Fatoumata Kourouma the 18 year old mother, she had always been determined to complete her education, hence when she began feeling stomach pains the night before, she decided against telling her husband.


She turned up at school in the morning of Tuesday but was turned back by the staff to go to the hospital.


It was on arrival at the hospital that she realized she was about to give birth. After a quick labour, she delivered her baby, handed him over to her parents and returned to complete her baccalaureate exams in Physics and French.


While speaking with the BBC she said “I decided for myself that I wanted to complete my baccalaureate”, and she did.


Credit: BBC



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