“I am a prostitute with only one customer”- Aisha Yesufu


Nigerian socio-political activist, Aisha Yesufu revealed in an interesting interview with BBC Pidgin how she made the first move towards her husband, Aliu, before they got married.

You will definitely remember her from the ENDSARS Protest in 2020 as well as other movements like the ‘BRING BACK OUR GIRLS’. The Edo woman revealed that she is proudly a ‘control freak’ and she was not ashamed to toast her husband.

In the words of Aisha, “The way wey I take meet my husband na long story. Na me toast am shaa, arrange am make e ‘see wife’ as e no gree see wife. E (her husband) go tell you say I no dey behave like wife, I dey behave like girlfriend. But, one thing wey my husband dey always talk; no time wey e come wey I dey tell am “NO”. You know say na Edo woman na, we gatz do am.

Honestly on our wedding night, I tell my husband say; “anyhow wey you want am ask me, any fantasy wey you get, I dey.” Because na wetin be the primary job wey I no dey delegate”. Their marriage is blessed with two lovely children, a boy and a girl.

Speaking on trolls that call her a prostitute, the activist said:

“I be prostitute wey get one customer, one customer only”.

She also advised unmarried women not to wait for men to make advances at  them, rather they should go ahead and make the first move and as a matter of fact, women can be the ones to propose marriage.

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