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I was defrauded of 450million – Actress Ummi Zee

A Nollywood Actress, politician, model and entrepreneur, Ummi Ibrahim populaly known as Ummi Zee Zee, has been defrauded of 450million naira.

The actress shared a disturbing post on her Instagram page few days ago, where she said she was contemplating suicide. This left fans asking questions for such thought.

Speaking in an interview with Voice of America (Hausa Service), Ummi Zee revealed reasons for her suicidal post.

she said,

“The reason for my post was because one Igbo man from the Niger Delta, with whom I started crude oil business, said there’s a certain amount of money I had to give for us to start the business, and that I will make half payment and then give the remaining later.

I didn’t know the man is a fraudster. He defrauded me of huge amount of money and ran away. I sent him N450 million in dollars and he left with it. I called his number severally but it is switched off. When I checked his social media accounts, I found out that he had blocked me in all of them.

I now live in Lagos. It was here that I met him and this is not the first time I had done business with him. What surprised me was that he came with some Europeans to prove to me that the business was real and a serious one. So, I never believed he will cheat me.”


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