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Infidelity: Sammie Okposo impregnates American based woman, tenders public apology to wife

Nigerian gospel singer Sammie Okposo has tendered a public apology to his wife and family for having an extramarital affair.

The music star took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, where he expressed his regrets and disappointment over his action.

His caption read; “I need to bring a very unfortunate incident to your attention as I am not proud of it but that this is the right thing to do. On my recent trip to the USA (Late 2021) I got intimately involved with a lady, knowing that this was not appropriate as a married man and a minister of the gospel,” he wrote.

“I am ashamed and regret my actions as it has caused a lot of pain to my dear wife Ozioma, my family, and I. As I work in making peace with God, repenting and asking for His forgiveness.”

Sammie went further to announce that he’ll be taking a break from the ministry to seek restitution.

“I am suspending myself from all ministry work until full restoration as this is what is proper and what I know I owe God and His people,” he added.

He also appealed to his wife of 12 years, begging her forgiveness for his misdeed.

“To my wife, Ozioma, I am sincerely sorry I put you through this shameful and embarrassing situation. I broke your trust and disappointed you. Your forgiveness of my moral failure and poor judgment is important to me. I pray I will eventually be able to build back the trust and confidence every single day for the rest of my life,” he wrote.

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Meanwhile, the US-based lady allegedly impregnated by gospel singer, Sammie Okposo, who simply identifies herself as African Doll has come out to reveal her stance concerning the lingering infidelity scandal.

Taking to her social media page, the lady announced her intentions to keep the baby,  believe in abortion.

Prior to this, She had called out the singer via an interview, saying his way of handling the situation wasn’t the right way.

”We both know that we didn’t use protection. We both know that we were wrong. There is still a way to handle things. He didn’t handle it right. I am not saying he has to bow to me but there is a way you do things. Turning your back on me is wrong. Any woman on earth won’t feel okay about it. It doesn’t feel good to be abandoned or to be thrown to the side. I cannot be walking around thinking about it, life goes on,” she told Obodo Oyinbo TV.

Still opening up about the pregnancy, she reiterates; “I will keep the baby, I don’t really believe in abortion. Fornication is a sin. The bible says he who is without sin should cast the first stone. It is not my intention to hurt anybody but to bring life to the situation.”



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