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“Injustice cuts across every ethnic group in Nigeria, youths are the most affected”- Charly Boy

Making a statement at the launch of ‘Project  YIGBA’ in Lagos, Charles Oputa, better known as Charly Boy, emphasized that Nigerian youths have been most hit by the prevalent injustice in the country.

The ‘Project YIGBA’, themed ‘First Non-violent Line of Defence’, was convened by Pastor and security consultant, Ladi Thompson, at the Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.

According to Charly Boy, injustice is pervasive, cutting across every ethnic group and region in the country.

In Charly Boy’s words; “The group of people who have been most affected by injustice are young people, the youths, more than the Igbo, more than the Yoruba, more than the middle belt because this is not the country where you say the youths are the future leaders.

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“Injustice is injustice everywhere and that’s what connects the Yoruba nation and the middle belt.

“The things that unite us are more than the things that divide us. So, it is just the selected few who are causing these problems, and enough is enough.”

The singer added that citizens of the country must embrace “reasonable and logical roundtable talk” and a sense of unity to proffer solutions to the challenges.

“You can’t have a house that you want to put floors upon floors with a faulty foundation. It can’t happen. That house can’t stand. So, this is what is needed and I believe this will go a long way.

“We will start by coming to a roundtable to talk, for people who want to talk, reason and be logical. Then, it is by us uniting — the east, the west, the middle belt — because it was systematic when they put us against each other.

“There is grave injustice in Nigeria, whether it is Biafra, Oduduwa nation. The injustice needs to be addressed.”


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