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Iyabo Ojo’s Former PA, Gbeminiyi Valentynoh Speaks Up as Actress Drags Her Into Fight With Omo Brish

Nollywood Actress, Iyabo Ojo has called out her best friend Tosin Abiola aka Omo Brish on social media for mocking her late mum’s illness as well as being friends with her enemies. In the actress’ statement, she accused Omo Brish of getting close to her former personal assistant, Gbeminiyi Valentynoh, who nearly wrecked her business even though she took her as a daughter.

In a lengthy post shared via her page on Thursday, June 17, 2021, the movie star accused Gbemi of stealing from her and ruining her businesses at Ikeja years ago.

In her post she said:

Gbeminiyi Adegbola, you said in your write up that you didn’t steal from me or try to ruin my business, yet from my former business place, Fespris World in Ikeja off Allen, you have been stealing from me, using your zenith acct Gbeminiyi Adegbola to collect money from customers eg. Wow accessories & she is still alive o & her statement of acct is there for proof.

The former PA, Gbemi, has also taken to Instagram to tell her version of the story as well as clear her name from the drama

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She says she has nothing to do with the fight as she does not want to be used as bait in the drama between Iyabo and her friend. In the first post the young lady shared, she revealed that she has been silent over what happened between her and her ex-boss because silence is golden.

She said that Iyabo has tried everything humanly possible to hurt her and even claimed that she wronged her which she did not. Gbemi urged her to be truthful about the cause of the fight between her and Omo Bris as she has not been in contact with her because Iyabo told everyone to stay away from her.

The young lady also noted that Omo Brish’s post is not the only post she likes on social media, and Iyabo has told all sort of lies to people just to get them to hate her.

In another post, the young lady talked about the humiliation and ill-treatment she suffered in the hands of Iyabo before she stopped working for her three years ago.

She also revealed that the actress kept claiming she took her money even though both of them know that she was only pretending to be rich for social media.

The former PA wrote:

I heard you said you took me like a daughter and I almost ruined ur business, hmmmmmm. A daughter sha, business sha. A daughter you openly beat ann humiliate at the slightest opportunity, a daughter who did you no good for 14yrs.



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