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#JusticeForIjeoma, A Facade?

Social media has been up in flames lately with the story of Ijeoma, a makeup artist who was brutally murdered for allegedly having an affair with another lady’s boyfriend. The murder took place some time in November of 2020 but the tale and circumstances surrounding the homicide continues to erupt worrisome emotions in many.

Was it worth it, taking the life of another in the name of  love and jealousy?

Have we lost the value for human life?

With a simple conversation, would the outcome have been different?

Our generation have been known to express a lot of hate, as opposed to the love that we all desire. Ever scrolled down to the comment section of a beautiful picture posted by someone to realize that there are more hate remarks than simple appreciation of the lovely shot; body/slut shaming, character defamation, anger for just looking too good and maybe some insults and accusations to butter it up. Sadly, we may all have killed Ijeoma one way or the other!

The fact that the plot and murder was carried out by two siblings; the resentful girlfriend and her brother, leaves a lot of people wondering whether that was their first act in violation of humanity and morality. Ijeoma’s story is just a case study but there are numerous other mania stories the media may or may not have caught and it remains on the increase. The trends we see today; Cyber-bullying, Depression, Abuse, Murder, Deep hate, Unforgiveness, Ethnic and Racial Wars…… you name it.

Truth be told, we live in an era where ‘hate sells’ and there’s a struggle for who has the most savage remark to give. We have become very comfortable with hate. Ever had that itsy-bitsy feeling of taking someone out of the picture for your very own selfish reason, probably a frivolous one? Is it safe to say that love is gradually eradicating through an invisible vent in the air?

How do we bring back the peace and serenity we hear the elders speak about, that once existed? Let this question resonate in our hearts as we play our diverse roles in the global village, social media community and the world at large. LET LOVE LEAD!


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