Saturday, January 22, 2022


DID YOU KNOW that statistically, at least one in every twenty persons are misdiagnosed, resulting to over 12,000 misdiagnosis yearly?

On this episode of the Breakfast Show, the hosts, Faith Imanyi and Adanna Nwana, discussed ‘misdiagnosis’ and different areas pertaining HEALTH with our special guest, Dr. Harrison Omokhua, the Chairman of Nigeria Medical Association, Edo State, and a medical practitioner himself.

Dr. Harrison Omokhua, on The Breakfast Show, TSLNIGERIA TV
Dr. Harrison Omokhua, on The Breakfast Show, TSLNIGERIA TV

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In the words of the learned specialist, “The right thing to do for instance: I am a specialist and I have a patient that I notice I am not getting anywhere near understanding what is wrong with the said patient. For goodness sake, it does not make you in anyway less than a doctor if you refer that patient to another doctor or hospital. That is the truth.

“But what do we find most times? Because sometimes you are over confident or you do not want the patient to think you are not properly trained doctor or specialist, you want to just prove a point at the detriment of the patient.

“I do not think that is right. Just be humble enough. As a matter of fact we started talking about specialty in medicine because ‘Medicine’ realized that just one person cannot practice every part of the body.”

Trust me, you’ll learn a lot from this particular episode. Follow the link below to watch the full video…..

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