Nestle Nigeria Improves School Facilities in Communities


Schools in Ogun State have recently received a boost as Nestle Nigeria PLC restructured and furnished its Library facilities at Makun High School in Sagamu community of Ogun State.

To this end, students in Makun High School now have a new opportunity to explore the exciting world of books in a conducive environment.

There is also a growing concern over the perceived decline in reading culture among Nigerian youths.

A report in 2019 by the National Commission for Mass Literacy shows that 4 in 10 primary school children cannot read for comprehension.

For a country that has produced literary giants like Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka, these statistics are quite disturbing.

In line with its commitment to improving livelihoods in the communities directly connected to its operations, Nestlé Nigeria PLC recently renovated and equipped the Makun High School library to help revive a love for reading among the students.

Speaking at the commissioning of the renovated facilities which include a fully equipped library, a crèche for nursing teachers and an office for the Librarian, Mrs. Victoria Uwadoka, Corporate Communications, and Public Affairs Manager, for Nestlé Nigeria said, they need to send children to school with the hope that they will develop a strong desire to acquire knowledge.

It would be difficult to encourage them to imbibe the culture of reading and learning if the environment is not conducive.

Community leaders, representatives of the ministry of education, teachers, and students all expressed their delight with the improved facilities.

In building this library for Makun High School, Nestlé Nigeria has not only uplifted the reading culture but has lived up to its corporate social responsibility.

Education is both a necessity and an investment which everybody must embrace with the seriousness it deserves

It is also a show of good partnership with the State Government in the education sector.

Community leaders and other stakeholders at the meeting urged the students to take care of the new facilities in order to derive the intended benefits while the school authorities committed to jealously protect monitor and guard the library and its books against being damaged or roughly handled.






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