New Laws assure castration for child rapists

Chemical castration for peadophiles.


Ukraine is getting ahead of child sexual abuse by forcibly castrating pedophiles.


The new la will apply to thousands of men every year between the ages of 18-65 found guilty of sexually abusing minors.



The new legislation which proposes “cohesive chemical castration” involves “the forced injection of anti-androgen drugs consisting of chemicals that should reduce libido and sexual activity”, reported Ukrinform news agency.

Reports have shown that child sexual abuse runs into the thousands yearly  in Ukraine. The National Police Chief Vyacheslav Abroskin confimed that five children were raped this past week.


“And these are the crimes which parents reported to police despite their fear and anxiety to do so.

“We can only guess how many latent sexual crimes against children we have in the country.”

In one horrific recent case, 11-year-old Daria Lukyanenko, from Odessa region, was killed after she “fought back” against an alleged rape attempt by a family friend Nikolay Tarasov, 22.

Her body was found after a six-day search in a village cesspool and the man was detained for attempted rape and murder, reported Guardian Newspaper.

Ukraine also intends to create a resgister to register sex offenders.

Credit, Guardian NG, Mirror.



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