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Nigerians in Diaspora Wants Nigeria to Adopt the United States Voting System

The Nigerian Citizens Association in South Africa (NICASA), has highlighted the need for Nigeria and other African countries to adopt the U.S. voting system in elections, to promote democratic growth.

The President of NICASA, Mr Ben Okoli, gave this information in a telephone interview with newsmen, on Wednesday in Abuja.

Mr. Okoli commended the use of technology in the U.S. voting system, noting that it had contributed to electoral efficiency in that country.

According to him, the Federal Government can equally learn from such experience to achieve the much-desired goals for its seemingly emerging democracy.

He said that the American election was a game-changer that would define the future of the world, from politics and economy to foreign relations and the stability of the world peace.

Mr. Ikoli said; “This election will also define the interests and fight against the Coronavirus with China and Russia in the bullseyes.

“It is important that the status quo remains and re-electing Donald Trump is the right thing to do.

“The advancement in technology is put to use again by world power during this election and the electronic mail voting is a testament to the beauty of technology.

“Nigeria and Africa can learn from this to improve their voting system and safety during elections; African countries are still lacking a peaceful democratic electoral transition. “If we take a look at Cote de voire (Ivory Coast), where Alhassan Quattara is seeking the third term as President, we can only but conclude that we are not learning or ready to grow and deepen our democratic gains.

“African countries and leaders can do better than what we currently have, therefore the need for fundamental reforms in voting systems to address democratic challenges,’’ Okoli said. He, however, said that electoral institutions, such as electoral commission, the Judiciary and other enabling laws, needed to be strengthened to produce quality election and leadership in Africa.


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