NUPENG Admonishes Employers Not To Worsen Issues With Post-COVID-19 Sacks In Its May Day Message


Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), have asked employers in the nation oil industry against post-COVID-19 pandemic anti-labour practices to ensure industrial peace in the petroleum industry.

In the May Day message to its members and other workers in the country, the union warned oil and gas companies not to exploit the current disturbing situation to declare unnecessary redundancies or inflict precarious and unfair labour practices on the workers that are already emotionally and psychologically traumatised .

The President and General Secretary, Prince Willams Akporeha and Afolabi Olawale respectively, made their statements, NUPENG felicitated with the Nigerian working class, especially those in the oil and gas industry on the occasion of 2020 May Day.

However, NUPENG lamented that unfortunately, 2020 May Day came with unprecedented issues and challenges arising from the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic.

The unfortunate situation has regrettably deprived working class people the usual unique atmosphere and opportunity to engage in the traditional parades, speech-making, rallies, merriment, funfair and other activities that are associated with this special moment on yearly basis.

Notwithstanding, NUPENG is using this opportunity to commend and appreciate all front-line working people who on a daily basis are being exposed to risks of infections and deaths due to complications of COVID-19, as humanity engages the unseen enemy in the strange global war.

NUPENG salutes the indomitable and patriotic fighting spirit of oil and gas workers, medical workers, law enforcement agents, market men/women, farmers, journalists, Drivers and other essential services workers for their invaluable services to the nation.

Praying that God will continue to protect and strengthen them in this struggle, as they discharge their very humane, legitimate and selfless essential services to humanity.

It is very imperative for Nigerians to use this opportunity to implore the Federal Government and other levels of governments to deepen the spread and expand the quantity of the palliative measures/ materials being put in place to cushion the impacts and effects of the pandemic and its associated lock down on economic activities and earning powers of individuals and corporate entities.

NUPENG also empathizes with various employers of labour across board, particularly in the oil and gas industry and expresses willingness to cooperate and work together with them in this turbulent journey for the survival of humanity and the challenges of revamping our workplaces.

“We shall be together when the sun rises once again and our machines in various factories roar back to life.

It is very important to note here, that we received with deep sense of relief and hope, the report of the offer of the Department of Petroleum Resources to support the operations of oil and gas companies during  the perilous period so as to avoid stoppage of operations and unnecessary loss of jobs by workers.”

On this promising note, we strongly implore oil and gas companies not to exploit the current disturbing situation to declare unnecessary redundancies or inflict precarious and unfair labor practices on the workers that are already emotionally and psychologically traumatised.”

The fear of how the workers are going to fare against the unknown enemy and the current economic hardships are already creating social upheavals to such an extent that any further loss of jobs in our industry would achieve nothing but complications and aggravation of an already bad situation.

This is the time to all come together to develop ways and means to save human race from the pandemic rather than being preoccupied with issues of pecuniary gains.

NUPENG earnestly demand for mutual sacrifices and cooperation so that they can collectively defeat COVID- 19 and the associated hunger in the land for a better tomorrow.

The union further enjoined all Nigerian workers to remain steadfast, disciplined, patriotic and patiently observe the rules of social distancing, washing of hands with soap and water, maintaining good personal and respiratory hygiene and avoid non essential movements, even after the mandatory lock-down is relaxed or finally over.

NUPENG also admonished all its members to persevere and exercise extreme restraints at all times, as tough times don’t last but tough people do.

In its last message it read: “Let us remain united and avoid divisive tendencies, because our unity is our strength.”


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