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OSINBAJO: ‘Our Current Challenges Are Not Unique or Exceptional’

According to the vice president, Nigeria is stronger together than apart.⁣

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says Nigeria’s unity is non-negotiable; and that those beating the drums of division or secession are reading the room wrong.⁣

He adds that Nigeria is “unbreakable” and that the nation’s current challenges are surmountable.⁣

“And in the face of the challenges confronting us, we must remind ourselves of certain truths.⁣

“The first is that our present challenges are neither unique nor exceptional. Various nations at various points in their histories underwent similar tribulations.⁣

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“It is within our power to address these issues and emerge from them even stronger as a people,” Osinbajo offered at the National Social Cohesion Dialogue organised by the Africa Polling Institute, which held at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja, on Thursday, August 26.⁣

He adds that “despite the divisive rhetoric of demagogues and the utterances of those who profit from disharmony, Nigerians do not hate each other. Every day, millions of Nigerians of different ethnicities and creeds co-mingle, make common cause and forge friendships across our fabled fault lines.⁣

“While we have our share of such acrimony, the situation does not support the narrative that we are a nation of fragments condemned to be perpetually at each other’s throats.⁣

“What matters is how committed we are to the constructive management of diversity and the peaceful resolution of such conflict. This is where we can and should certainly work much harder.”⁣

He also says that Nigeria has evolved beyond the sort of easy balkanization proposed by some separatists.⁣

(Pulse News)


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