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Reno Omokri Speaks Up On Affair Accusations, Wife Denies Welcoming New Child

News have been flying around about the alleged affair between Reno Omokri and his UK lover. The accusation came up not too long after the former presidential aide declared interest in heading the #HarassBuhariOutOfParis protest.

The political commentator and activist, Reno, has openly responded and denied the accusations against him, labelling it as a plot to distract him from the planned peaceful protest; #HarassBuhariOutOfParis.

Reno Omokri also went ahead to expressly state that he has never and will never indulge in extra-marital affairs, as he encouraged people to pay no attention to pro-government platform that has been spreading the false tales.

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See screenshots of his statement below:

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

However, The Will Newspaper reported to have gotten confirmation from his Reno Omokri’s wife, Tope, that she is not the mother of the new born child of Reno. This confirmation was held over a phone interview.

As reported by the newspaper;

“THEWILL: Did you and Reno just have a fourth child together?

Mrs. Omokri: No.

THEWILL: Are you guys still legally married?

Mrs. Omokri: Yes. We are still legally married.

THEWILL: So what is really going on?

Mrs. Omokri: I am a very private person, I shy away from the media and social media. I am not going to say much now…”

(Excerpt from: https://thewillnigeria.com/news/i-am-not-the-mother-of-reno-omokris-new-baby-wife-tope-speaks/)

We await developing stories on this issue.


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