TRAGIC: Would-be first black man in space dies in road accident.

South African man who won the chance to be the first black man in space is dead.


Mandla Maseko, 30, nick named ‘ space boy’ was killed on Saturday july 6th  2019, according to a family statement.


In 2013, Mandla a member of the South African Air Force bested 1 million applicants to win one of 23 places at a space academy in the US.


He had already been in a week long training at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida doing tests for an hour long sub-orbital flight, originally scheduled for 2015.


He had hoped to inspire black people in Africa and around the world and prove that irrespective of their background, they could achieve anything they put their mind too. He even hoped to develop a line just like Neil Armstrong who has he stepped on the moon said “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.




Credit: BBC



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