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Update: FedEX gunman identified as former employee

Recall, that an active shooter killed eight people and left several others wounded at a fedEX facility in Indianapolis, United States, on Thursday night, April 15, before turning the gun on himself.

Indiana metropolitan police department, have identified the fedEx warehouse mass shooter as 19-year-old Brandon Hole.

The gunman was a former employee of fedEX company, whose mother had warned law enforcement officials last year that he might try to attempt “suicide by cop.” An F.B.I. special agent confirmed that the gunman had been interviewed by federal agents in April 2020, and that he was put on an “immediate detention mental health temporary hold.”

He was not charged with a crime, and the agent said that a shotgun was not returned to him.

Acccording to Indianapolis Deputy Police Chief Craig McCartt, in a press conference:

“We’ve recently identified him, so now, the work really begins, trying to establish and see if we can figure out some sort of motive in this, but we don’t have that right now,”

“There were at least 100 people in the facility at the time of the incident. … Many were changing shifts and were on their dinner breaks,”

McCartt added:

“Crime Lab is still here they are finishing processing the scene, They’re working closely with the coroner’s office. We’re to the point now where we’re identifying victims, making notifications to the family, and then hopefully we’ll wrap up the processing of this crime scene here very shortly.”

Hole started randomly firing at people in the parking lot and then went into the building and continued shooting.


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