Urhobo Says No to RUGA Settlement


The Urhobo Progress Union, (UPU), worldwide, rejected in its totality, the Federal Government’s proposed Ruga settlement for herdsmen, yesterday, insisting that it was a crafty attempt by the government to forcefully remit lands across the country to the Fulani people who constitute less than five per cent of Nigeria’s total population.

The National Publicity Secretary, Mr Abel Oshevire made a statement by insisting on going ahead with the unpopular and offensive policy, whether optional for states as claimed by the Presidency, the Federal Government has openly exhibited its insensitivity to the feelings and yearnings of other Nigerians.

He says it is most unreasonable, callous and unfair to impose a policy, no matter how good such a policy might be, on the majority, just to satisfy the conceit of a tiny minority.

The government is indefensibly bent on implementing a policy that has been forcibly rejected by virtually every ethnic nationality in the country.

Asking if the country is not practising democracy, where the will of the people should prevail.

In his statement he categorically said that the Urhobo Nation will never give in an inch of her territory to any stranger under any guise.

As the fourth largest ethnic nationality in Nigeria, nobody can intimidate or force the Urhobo’s to give up their God-given land to any stranger against their will.

The Federal Government has not declared land in any part of Katsina State to be used by the Urhobo farmers living there or any part of Nigeria.

We are all equal stakeholders in the Nigerian project and nobody is a second-class citizen in Nigeria, definitely, not the Urhobos.

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