Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Valentine Is Coming, WHERE IS YOUR…….??

Is love really in the air as the long awaited day of Valentine approaches, or have we been swayed by the trends that indirectly implies we all must be celebrated on the ‘LOVE DAY’ to feel among?

Trumpet blowing, surprise packages, flowers and chocolates, boo-ed up videos on social media; I’m sure we’ve all been part of, or victims of the peppering and sauce dished out regularly by couples on social media. Based on unpopular survey, the rate of marriage proposals on Valentine’s day is almost proportional to the “Be my Val” requests in the love week.

A lot of single persons have expressed concern regarding the depressing tension they’ve been subjected to as the D-day approaches. But really, “What’s all the fuss about?”. It’s very stereotypical to assume that it’s just once or few times in 365 days that love or love acts should be expressed loudly. Is the relationship put on hold on other days or does it just go back to normal, without excitements? Does the butterflies disappear without the “Awwwnn”, “Oh my God!” and “Couple goals” remarks of strangers on social media?

Valentine’s day is indeed a day to show love and be loved, but let us not be pressured to meet or expect a particular standard before it feels special; every gesture counts, no matter how little. Asides the romance between partners, the roadside beggar as well as the little child in an orphanage also deserves as much love as can be given. Love is for everyday and everyone, put a smile on someone’s face today through a lovely gesture!


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