Winners of the Ultimate Love Season Emerges


The couple with the team name “ROKSIE” have emerged winner of the reality TV show, the Ultimate Love season 1.

The couple Rose and Kachi happened to be the last couples standing in the season finale of the show, making them the first couple ever to win and fans are thrilled.

Rose and Kachi were awarded the sum of ₦5million and were told if they made a commitment on stage and the engagement done within a period of nine months, their traditional marriage worth ₦10million would be sponsored by the organizers of the show.

It appeared that Kachi proposed to Rosie backstage and have started making plans towards starting their own clothing line.

The couple, who made a commitment on the show, would have their traditional marriage sponsored by the organizers of the reality show.They also get their own home after the first year of their marriage.

The show which started with uncertainties and heart breakers turned out lovely and fulfilling in the end for almost every contestant on the show.

We hope their love continues after the show and wish them a happy union in the future.

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