XENOPHOBIA: South Africans walk out of anti-xenophobia speech.

South Africa Crowds Disrupt anti-xenophobia speech.


On Sunday September 8th, groups of men carrying clubs marched down the streets of Johannesburg singing “foreigners must go back to where they came from”, heading to Jules park in Johannesburg.

The crowd arrived at the park where Mr Buthelezi, a Zulu leader during apartheid and former leader of South Africa’s opposition Inkatha Freedom Party, was due to address them about the recent attacks.

Addressing the distraught people, he announced that he had come as a mediator to pacify the situation but as seen in a video posted on twitter, he was heckled throughout and crowds could be seen walking out of the meeting.

The recent xenophobic attacks began after South African lorry drivers staged a nationwide strike to protest against the employment of foreign drivers.

South Africa, has a result of their economy has been a huge migrant magnet however this has led to a certain level of strife between the locals and their new neighbours.



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