Zim man cries out after uncle impregnates wife


Luke Mareya, a man fom Harare, Zimbabwe has accused  his wife and uncle of an affair which produced a child he was led to believe was his.


H-metro reports that Mareya exposed his wife Elizabeth at a court where he sought a protection order.


He told the court he could no longer love his wife.


Mr. Luke apparently found out from her uncle’s wife who told him that he was staying with her husband’s son.


He further explained that his wife, Elizabeth Jasi has refused to speak on the issue and she also beats him up leading to injuries from her violence.


“I took the matter to my in-laws who then demanded $1000 for ‘lobola’ before any discussion,” He complained.

At the hearing, his wife did not dispute the allegations made against her, instead she accused him of being abusive and says she would “beat up that aunt because of her gossip.”


She also says, “I still love my husband. Your Worship, he is harassing and insulting me; some of the things he is saying are correct and some of them are lies”


The presiding magistrate however ruled in favour of the husband.


Credit: News agency of Nigeria








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